To Cheat or Not to Cheat… Is That Really a Question?

Well, fidelity… what a topic, uh? I think nowadays when you hear the word “fidelity” it’s easier to think about your dog or even Regina Spektor’s song than to relate it to a relationship. Monogamy is not something natural, some scientists say, but rather a cultural and sociological thing. Then again, science relates monogamy and therefore fidelity to evolution, which would lead us to believe that the most evolved men are faithful while the less evolved men are effing cheaters. Well, I am not so sure about that… If that were the case, my ex wouldn’t have cheated on me, not even once… he is a really intelligent guy, engineer, know-it-all, and yes, he cheated. Why? Because he is also good looking and the bastard knows it, and girls know it too, and now I know it as well…
Then, why do people cheat? I know it sounds odd, and most of the people don’t believe it when I say it, but I have never cheated a boyfriend in my life. Is it because I am better than most of the people? Well, no, the thing is I am lazy. Yes, I know, shocking, uh? But also true. I am as lazy as it comes and cheating takes A LOT of work. Yes, I know, I rock. Now, moving on, cheating takes even more time and energy than making a couple work… but does it? I am not sure about that. My couples have never worked, I am single! LOL
And last but not least there is a little minor detail… Do all people agree as to what cheating consists of? I have talked to many people on this subject and most of them agree that having intercourse with anyone other than your couple is considered cheating. But what about fantasizing about it? And kissing? And flirting? Some people say that even thinking about cheating is cheating. I think the important thing is to talk with your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife about what the two of you will consider cheating. Communication is the foundation of every relationship.
So, talk to your loved one, lay down some boundaries, do your best, hope for the best, and good luck with it!



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